CONTEMPLATIO is a group exhibition and a direct response to the crises we are all facing caused by the COVID19 pandemic. As a result of limited visibility due to the closures of art fairs, museums and exhibition venues, the creative sector – along with so many others – has suffered immense financial loss. Though held in virtual space, this exhibition is very real. It seeks to recalibrate public awareness, strengthen the position of the artists and counteract these difficult circumstances. Solidarity and economic support during these times are more important than ever. 

The Corona virus is making us change not only our individual way of thinking but forces all levels of society to adopt a new mode of contemplation and perception. Our imposed retreat from normality and the unique collective moment of life as we know it being ‘on hold’, has an unimaginable power and energy that cannot only help to counteract, but possibly make us focus clearly on those areas that now have to be more important than ever.  
The exhibition displays and reflects the artists’ personal views and form of expressing these existentially important moments. Artists have always been endowed with a visionary power that invites us to take a different view of our own reality. It is therefore not surprising that many of the works presented in this virtual exhibition were created much earlier in time and have now become even more relevant and important. 
Why is this so? The topics have never lost their pertinence – more the opposite – with the urgency to act increasing and gaining momentum with each passing year. Humanity has simply forgotten to pay enough close attention, most probably due to the fast pace of our digital, globally networked, consumer and growth-oriented world. 

CONTEMPLATIO presents artists who have a profound aesthetic approach and artistic dialog towards these exceptional circumstances, who break fresh grounds to contemplate, invite us to pause and focus. 
"Gallery Weekend Berlin" was originally planned in May 2020 but has been postponed due to the Corona crisis. In order to be able to enjoy art on this weekend and beyond, CONTEMPLATIO has created a platform so that audiences can explore the exhibits, engage or interact personally with the participating artists. This exhibition is curated by Barbara Green.

__Susanne Bonowicz (painting on paper) __Birte Bosse (sculpture) __Frederike von Cranach (sculpture) __Sebastian Fleiter (sculpture) __Meike Kenn (photography) __Danni Pantel (painting) __Manfred Peckl (painting & performance) __Claus Rottenbacher (photography) __Nina E. Schönefeld (video & sculpture) __Thomas Rentmeister (installation)

Text: Barbara Green & Esther Harrison