Nina E. Schönefeld 

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CV Nina E. Schönefeld was born in Berlin. She is half Polish and half German. She studied at the University of Arts in Berlin (UDK) and at the Royal College of Art in London. Since several years she has given lectures in Fine Art at private Art Colleges. Together with Marina Wilde she founded "Last Night In Berlin" a cultural project/blog that documents art openings in Berlin. She holds a Master of Arts and a PhD in Art Theory (Dr. Phil.). Schönefeld lives and works in Berlin (& sometimes in Ibiza).



For the exhibition CONTEMPLATIO, artist Nina E. Schönefeld is currently producing her own video. As a result of social distancing regulations, she follows current world developments in near-isolation. In her studio, the video artist creates a subjective future based on a large pool of research material that places us in the year 2023. With the title N. O. R. O. C. 2. 3., life under a worldwide pandemic is displayed through dismal images. It is about feeling constant, panic-inducing insecurity from an invisible threat. Historical quotations, passages from novels, series and films, political speeches, and media reports from different periods of our history are put together in a kind of collage to form an atmospheric image. This narrative is accompanied by intense scenes, all of which take place at night. In the center: four protagonists roaming through empty cities, whose silence conveys a deceptive feeling. Searching for a way out, they do not know what the next day will bring. Schönefeld's optimistic balance at the end of the video: from stasis and standstill, something new will arise.  

Along with N. O. R. O. C. 2. 3., her textile sculpture #Preppercoat from 2016 is shown. The term "prepper" refers to survivalists who actively prepare for emergencies and crises, including possible disturbances of the social and political order. The work was first presented during Manifesta/Manifestina 2016 (curated by Christian Jankowski and Maurizio Cattelan) in Zurich. #Preppercoat was part of the performance series "Some Demonstrations" by Charlie Stein. At the end of the performance series, Charlie Stein disappeared in a golden coat from a helicopter base in the Swiss Alps. Schönfeld carries everything a real prepper needs to survive when on the run: toothbrush, alcohol, weapons, tools, prepaid phones, and gold coins...

Text: Barbara Green, Photo: Oliver Jackel (Portrait & art works)