Manfred Peckl 

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CV The Austrian artist Manfred Peckl (*1968) lives and works in Berlin. From 1988-1990 he studied at the University of Art and Design in Linz, followed by the Städelschule in Frankfurt under Professor Raimer Jochims. The starting point for Peckl's works are maps and advertising posters from public space, which he cuts into even strips with a shredder and then sorts them according to color. In the summer term 2004 and winter term 2005 he had a teaching assignment for "New Forms of Painting" at the Academy of Fine Arts in Mainz. In 2017 Peckl was deputy professor for painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe.   



One imagines the typical painter using brushes and paints; Manfred Peckl replaces these materials with artistic recycling. Advertising posters and maps are filleted into pieces, rearranged, and assembled anew. With brushes and glue, he creates landscapes, seascapes, and island paradises, which, at first glance, lead the viewer astray. With destruction as his point of departure, Peckl takes advertising posters, complete with their suggestive slogans and far-reaching promises, by the scruff of their neck and uses colour and form to create an entirely new visual language of an anarchistic world in the moment of calm after the storm. 

“A promise of paradise, large as a billboard, is the starting point for the image. The advertising poster of a tourism company is disassembled into its individual motif parts and rearranged. The images of the holiday industry are here both material and motif for the transformation to art. Exoticism is exorcised. The poetry of the globally synchronized dream is confronted with the poetry of a herald of doom that is still hidden. FUCK as soon as the jungle is entered: FUCK when you leave your comfort zone. Anxieties are let loose by repeating elements. That which is so familiar to us, and the certainty of the world as a commodity—constant and available—is exposed as a purely self-generating system. Now that the system is trying to save itself, it must search beyond the system. The ordinarily fast-paced world, this surface of consumption is taking a break, and now we can penetrate into the depths, change structures, rearrange them. Self-limitation as opportunity. Art rules!”

Artist's statement by Manfred Peck on his work »Kunst im öffentlichen Traum«. 

Text: Barbara Green, Photo: Meike Kenn