Frederike von Cranach  

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CV Frederike von Cranach’s (*1976) focus lies in sculptural work, prints and drawings as well as experimenting constantly with different artistic disciplines to develop her particular, unique “language” and expression. After leaving secondary school, Cranach took a degree in fashion design at the AMD Düsseldorf. She then worked in the fashion industry for a couple of years. In 2008 she decided to follow her passion for art full time and studied fine art at the Wackers Akademie Amsterdam followed by further studies at the “Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage” in Rio de Janeiro. Cranach works and lives in London.   



Frederike von Cranach works with Egagropili, straw-like structured organic objects washed up by the tides on Mediterranean shores. The plant that created them belongs to one of the oldest living organisms on the planet, Neptunegras (lat. Posidonica Oceanica) that form huge seagrass carpets on the bottom of the sea, to secure the seabed, supply oxygen and provide a safe habitat for many sea creatures. Environmental damage as well as wild anchoring puts these plants, an important part of the sea’s ecosystem, in grave danger. Egagropili naturally transform themselves into pellets that wash up on the beach, can then be collected and transformed by the artist. 

Her “Liquid Silence” series reflects and tells the story of constant changes in both nature and culture in an harmonic and still way, capturing the moment like an intake of breath, inviting the viewer to stop before they breathe out again and continue their hectic everyday life. She further ads a poetic touch by ‘protecting’ the objects with a layer of hand-blown glass. These organic shapes seem to create not only wave-like movements, but also a feeling of oppression and isolation, rather like having to live under a bell jar, isolated from the outside world but totally visible nonetheless. Feelings that are extremely relevant for humanity as a whole in these difficult times.  

Text: Barbara Green, Photo: Sylwia Markis