Danni Pantel 

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CV Danni Pantel (*1989 Erlangen) lives and works in Berlin. Her paintings demonstrate a spontaneous, intuitive and personal way of painting. She works mainly with acrylic and oil on large-format canvases. The artist has already exhibited in New York, Milan and Beirut; in Berlin she is represented by Galerie DUVE and is represented in numerous national and international collections, including the Pizzuti Collection of the Columbus Museum of Art (US) and the Mora Art Foundation (LIE). 



Danni Pantel’s paintings celebrate the hard-won compromise that comes after elements on the canvas have collided and fought. Whether the interaction between shapes and forms, or the interplay between herself and liquid paint—each instance can only be tamed to a limited extent—it’s about the encounter, about reaching an understanding in limited space. Chaos and control. Loud and quiet. The effect is different for each observer, where one person feels harmony, the other perceives tension. At the same time the question arises: What decisions instil conflict? Reduction is shown here by the artist as a way out. Her paintings are characterized by reduction as a compromise - without losing comlexity. "The goal is always the search for the clear and simple in the confusing", says the artist. When she pours the paint on the canvas lying on the floor, the flow of the material cannot be determined. Pantel surrenders to the indeterminable and goes with the form. 

The work *and I smile and I sip my poppy tea* was written at the time when Covid-19 was officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. A playlist by Nick Cave is running in the studio. While panic-stricken reports across social media reach their climax, the singer stands smiling at the window sipping his opium tea and gazing at the sea. He sings "I am what I am, and what will be, will be." 

Text: Barbara Green, Photo: Benjamin Held